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SKILThe Semantics and Knowledge Innovation Lab (SKIL) is part of the Joint Open Labs network of Telecom Italia, whose goal is to foster the open innovation through the creation of laboratories co-located at the top-level universities all over Italy. The technological focus of SKIL is Big Data and Data Mining: the high-level multidisciplinary team investigates and develop data-driven solutions that exploit the enormous amount of data generated (Call Detailed Records – CDR ) in the network of Telecom Italia, as well as the Personal Data created in mobility – by its customers. SKIL is co-located at the EIT ICT Labs Italian node with the University of Trento and the FBK Research center.SKIL runs project with top international partners like British Telecom and Telefonica and universities like MIT Media Lab, North Eastern University, TU Delft and Politecnico di Milano. Its international team is composed by internal researcher, PhD students and research scholars.


City Sensing


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From the experience of the Trentino Open Living Data (TOLD) project, SKIL Lab, in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, is developing CitySensing, a platform for the management of large events in urban areas based on social media and mobile network Big Data Streams. The platform, by the means of a dashboard, enable the monitoring of venues providing insights such as the estimation of presence, the socio-demographic distribution, the provenience,  the arguments of interest, the sentiment, etc. The platform has been deployed in several settings in Italy, such as the Design Week event in Milan (see and will be the basis for future geo-referenced big data services for the public administration.


Mobile Territorial Lab

Mobile Territorial Lab

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The Mobile Territorial Lab (MTL) project has been created by Telecom Italia SKIL Lab, in cooperation with Telefónica I+D, the Human Dynamics group at MIT Media Lab, the Institute for Data Driven Design (ID³) and Fondazione Bruno Kessler, and with contributions from Telecom Italia Future Center. The project aims at creating an experimental environment to push forward the research on human-behavior analysis and interaction studies of people while in mobility. MTL aims at exploiting smartphones’ sensing capabilities to unobtrusively and cost-effectively access to previously inaccessible sources of data related to daily social behavior (location, physical proximity of other devices; communication data (phone calls and SMS), movement patterns, and so on. The Mobile Territorial Lab (MTL) in Trentino is the first of a network of living labs and aims at fostering mobile phone related research activities with real people on a very responsive territory. This includes the involvement of a significant number of committed users with the goal of having a continuous and active user base to interact with and cutting down the experimentation setup costs. A continue and active user base equipped with smartphones, enabling users to access (from everywhere) online services and to collect personal or contextual information from the integrated sensors, represents a valuable and unique sample for investigating new paradigms of Personal (Big) Data management and novel Personal Data-driven services.

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My Data Store – The Personal Data Store of MTL

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Toward a new model for personal data management: from data protection to data control and exploitation

Ubiquitous sensing is nowadays reality and it has gone largely beyond the widespread adoption of smartphones among a large majority of the consumers. Ubiquitous computing, in fact, is rapidly broadening its boundaries, leveraging on continuously increasing sensing opportunities offered by modern, low-cost technologies (ranging from wearable/body sensors to smart homes, vehicles and other devices empowered with rich sensing capabilities). These leaded to the generation and collection of a previously unimaginable quantity and variety of Personal Data (PD), which have enriched everyone’s digital footprint and has become the core of digital services and mobile applications. Smartphones capabilities of collecting contextual information and of ensuring connection to the network while in mobility, moreover, has further pushed the success of social networks applications andthe digitalization of business/personal services, chich have resulted in a tremendous and continuous production of PD.


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Telecomitalia Big Data Challenge

Telecom Italia Big Data Challenge

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Among the initiatives on Big Data, along with some international partners like MIT Media Lab, EIT ICT Labs and Northeastern University, in 2014 we organized the first edition of the Telecom Italia Big Data challenge aiming at boosting the data-driven service innovation by collecting some Big Data experiences from professionals coming from all over the world. The contest made available to the participants a heterogeneous dataset of geo-referred data from a metropolitan area and a region of Italy. Thanks to an agreement with local data providers, the dataset contained 30+ types of anonymous data related to mobile network activity, energy consumption records, car positioning, etc. for a period of 2 months. The contest has been open to researchers, designers and developers called to submit smart city projects based on the data provided. More than 1100 professionals took part in the competition and 100+ projects have been submitted, part of which will be developed by their owners to be delivered as services by Telecom Italia.

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HII CLD – SME call for participation

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European Trusted Cloud Platform with Advanced Data and Service Management Ecosystem – Call for Participation (CFP) for SMEs


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Telecom Italia and EIT ICT Labs present the solutions for Expo 2015 Smart City

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Applications and platforms to optimize the management of visitors flows and provide innovative services to citizens and tourists exhibited at the TIM4Expo space at Triennale.

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